Office Coffee Service for Miami

Are you a coffee nut? Would someone call you a coffee-holic? Do you find that having a cup of hot, tasty coffee at your desk or in the conference or break room helps to get the work done quickly and well? Most of us do.

We know that time taken to go “out” for a coffee break interrupts the workflow and often takes longer than it should. We know that coffee taken from “the machine down in the lobby” means that somebody must leave the work area to get a cup, jamming up the elevators only to get something that may be hot but not very tasty. Sometimes, and it’s happened to all of us, the cup doesn’t drop and the coffee gets sent down the drain! What a waste, especially when there are better options for both price and service. Open your own specialty coffee shop, right in your building.
The Gourmet Coffee Co., based in Miami, serves all of Broward County and West Palm Beach with coffee that’s available for a little as a dime a cup! Gourmet Coffee Co. is a coffee delivery service, but that doesn’t begin to tell the scope of their services. In addition to several available coffee machines that handle a dozen choices of gourmet coffee, there are at least 10 choices of tea, hot beverages and soups, juices and flavored drinks, water, and several snacks. Your break room will be kept fully stocked when you arrange services from The Gourmet Coffee Co.

But the company doesn’t restrict itself just to offices. It offers this service to commercial businesses, as well. For more than a decade, The Gourmet Coffee Co. has operated on a single premise–that the beverage drinking customer deserves the best coffee at the most reasonable price. With Gourmet, you have outstanding options.

So bring in your favorite cup. You’ll not only like the coffee, you’ll be astounded at the service. To get started, call one of the numbers below and arrange for a coffee and donuts visit, the service representative of the Gourmet Coffee Co. Find out how easy it is to start.

“Brother, can you spare a dime?” –for the best, most tasty coffee in the Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach, Florida area.

Corporate Headquarters
2685 W 81 Street, Hialeah Florida 33016
Telephone Numbers: Miami, Dade: 305 698 0990 or Broward: 954 486 4339
Fax: 305 698 0991